Evolution in Healthcare


The booming innovations in healthcare

  1. Telehealth: The electronic communication method established between physicians and patient enables monitoring and tracking adherence and guarantees optimal engagement throughout the process.
  2. Surgical Technology: A medical expert who sets up an operating room (OR) for surgery is known as a surgical technician. The technology which is used to set up the operating theatre is surgical technology.
  3. Wearable Medical Devices: This technology will create a ground-breaking turning point in the healthcare industry. Medical wearables connect electronic patches to the skin and use sensors, actuators, software, and actuators to track a patient's health, spot anomalies, and even treat medical diseases.
  4. AI & Augmented reality: Artificial intelligence with augmented reality, is an innovative amalgam, especially in the healthcare space. Technology offers a new way of associating humans and machines to work together, rather than replacing humans with machines.
  5. Personalized Healthcare: A technology that enables access to healthcare services remotely. Through the revolutions of devices and wearable technologies, patient engagement is increased forward driving our healthcare system to another dimension.